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“How can a warm referral leads source improve my business bottom line?”

Quality assured warm leads can provide an instant boost to your sales whilst protecting your brand.  We provide highly engaged customers to your product with a human voice approach with 1005 call recordings.  The majority of our clients benefit from a 30-40% cost efficiency compared to their current above the line campaigns.

“What are the top 3 benefits of getting leads from you?”

  1. Quality data – We invest heavy in our data purchases and apply smart data analytics and campaign management through a specialized marketing consultant agency. We select the best data to suit your brand, product and commercial model.
  2. Cost savings – We offer a minimum of 20% cost savings, with higher quality leads and conversion rates.
  3. Quality assurance – We invest more in QA, operations and the support areas of the business leveraging from our overseas operations.

“Is there any risk to our Brand?”

Your brand is in safe hands!  OTPL is a specialist in this area and we pride ourselves on protecting the brand of all our clients.  We have over 10 years experience in generating compliant and high quality leads.  We have a well structured, mature, infused quality and compliance process.  We use a robust operational platform, have a highly skilled work force complimented by a best practice industry framework.  OTPL and its clients have never had any breeches from ACMA, ADMA , TPS, Ofcom or other regulatory authorities.

“How do your agents adopt to overseas customer experience expectations?”

OTPL invest heavily in recruitment – we attract staff with international experience and excellent language skills.   We have one of the best training consultants from Australia looking after our L&D to ensure the best cultural training, coaching and support.   We develop our scripts in such a way that they complement our work force in Delhi and exceed customer experience expectations.

“How can you effectively service us with your off shore operations?”

OTPL is an Australian company.  Our CEO and Client Relationship team operates from Melbourne, managing strategic relationships, innovation and contract SLA’s.  In Delhi, we appoint dedicated operations manager looking after all aspects of operations and delivery. All of our operations managers having work experience in US, UK, Australia and Philippines. We service our clients in line with their time zone and business working hours.  OTPL has long established clients in both Australia and the UK, we specialise in marketing in and servicing our clients in these two countries.  Our staff has excellent cultural knowledge, advanced English language and technical skills.

“What do you offer under you Consultancy Services?”

We work in a true partnership sprit; our Global CEO brings over 15 years of experience in direct distribution, call centre operations, tactical selling, insurance brand building, and commercial modelling providing end-to-end strategy execution.  Often our clients prefer us to take single point of ownership for their acquisition needs and assist their business in new ways that their existing internal staff may not be able to.  We provide only executive consultancy at strategic or tactical level and offer support for internal execution where it’s needed.

“Can you provide services from both off shore and on shore?”

Absolutely – we have operated a very successful call centre in Melbourne before.  To sustain business growth we established a state of the art, big operation call centre in India. We provide all services between on shore, off shore and hybrid models.  Where we operate for you depends upon your industry, product, brand, compliance requirements, commerciality and our ability to maintain your profitability. We offer a broad range of capabilities to achieve various acquisition activities and goals.

“What industries can OTPL target?” /  “What industries does OTPL specialize in?”

OTPL has over 10 years of lead generation, tele-sales and customer survey experience in the Financial Services Industry (Life, Mortgage and Health Insurance), Telecommunications and Energy Industries.  Our experience, expertise and agility allow us to apply our successful strategies to any new industry too, just ask us how.

“What does our own business need in order to receive your super warm leads?”

If your business is looking for a fast turnaround for acquiring customers nationally and you have an internal call centre with an outbound team with the ability to make telephone sales, you too could benefit from receiving our super warm leads ready to be converted to sales. We also offer sales services at flat cost per sale model; all you require is the supporting processes.

“Can we start with just a trial first?” 

OTPL love proving our capability with tangible results to new clients with an initial trial.  We often start with a small trial of 3 months to test the efficacy and efficiency of the program.  This also allows us to work together to fine tune the best approach specific to your products, brand and customers to maximise your long term results. We may charge you implementation cost for the trial.

“How can we get it started?”

Please fill in a Contact Form found in the Contact section of our website ( and our Client Relationship Manager will contact you shortly.  Alternatively, feel free to email us at or call us on (03) 9988 6019.

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