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Optimal use intelligent and sophisticated dialogue to create enduring new relationships based on the needs of individual decision makers. Far from the prosaic mass-production of large telemarketing producers, every discussion is uniquely positioned to capture the best short, medium or long term potential. By placing buyers at the heart of each call, we generate long and fruitful relationships for our clients.

In Lead Generation, our priority is to engage our clients’ target groups in truly two-way conversations. We use sophisticated techniques to probe gently but effectively, maximising your opportunities and implementing all call objectives seamlessly.

Optimal is unsurpassed at identifying your particular target market, to generate new leads and create new sales opportunities. We impart positive and powerful sales messages to influential individuals, drawing on our considerable resources, talent, and telemarketing skills to win your targets’ buying decisions. Along the way, we gather valuable market intelligence and telemarketing data, discovering new opportunities and creating a dynamic sales funnel in the same integrated exercise.Optimal has been recognised time and again by global brands for our Lead Generation services – get in touch with us to see how we can work for you.
Optimal are specialists in providing lead generation services to a multitude of business areas. Our Indian call centre is based in New Delhi and produces high quality sales leads. Our agents are trained to a high level to conduct targeted bespoke campaigns on behalf of our many clients. Also we have spent years developing and nurturing our extensive network of websites, data owners and list brokers to enable us to offer high quality B2C to clients in many industries.

We understand the importance of learning our clients products and key selling points when creating a campaign and we aim to cover all the key aspects of your business when conducting it.

Lead Generation is our passion. This is how we do it…

Optimal offer not only targeted data sets but also bring together a range of media such as email marketing, sms marketing, scripted sales calls, consumer surveys and more to produce qualified leads for selected products. Register for more information on our range of services or contact one of our agents for a discussion on how we can design a campaign to help you grow your business.

SPECIALIZATION: Exclusive outbound team on behalf of sponsor’s Brands products and services;

WHAT WE DO: We provide the list of customers who are qualified for the products and/ or services of Sponsoror. During the call, they have opted in to receive call from the Sponsoror after evincing their verbal interest on a recorded call;

HOW WE EXECUTE: Our Phone Consultants run through the phone list and identify decision makers, run through the series of questions and seek customers interest and opt-in. Strict script adherence with zero hard selling approach is adopted to ensure genuine Opt-in. Each call is voice recorded and any rebuttal or customer hesitation is marked Non Qualified (NQ) Average NQC internal rate is 25% for Australian clients;

SUPPLY CHAIN: All the QC Opt-in leads are then sent to sponsorer on a daily basis. Sponsor Sales team then process them for conversions into sales/ leads etc;

CUSTOMER CONSENT: We seek recorded customer consent to be part of call and also seek their consent to send details to sponsor of the Opt-ins and send PDS on behalf of our sponsor via email or PDS link via text;

 Lead Generation Benefits

• Warm OB leads provides best sales outcomes for highly skilled insurance sales agents;
• Brand/product introduction at high CR leading to huge reduction in Cost per sale;
• High level of customer experience and brand awareness due to voice interaction;
• Data management to product demographics providing better retention outcomes;
• No Fixed Costs or Long Term Obligations as we charge per successful Opt-in Leads;
• Complementing above the line campaigns to obtain growth at low cost per lead;
• Most Exciting Alternate Mode of Customer Acquisition with long term campaign life cycle;
• Can Target any type of product, Industries, Type of Customers (Business/ Consumer);
• Easy to test and learn during trial phase, lower on boarding cost for execution;