The Strive to Get the Best Customer Reviews

Insurance lead generation techniques are constantly evolving to ensure that both quantity & quality are maintained. To meet the ever increasing business needs, you always need to be ready with your future lead pipeline. Their have been many traditional lead generation methods that organisations adopt, along with latest emerging techniques like digital marketing, tv ads etc, but still fail to generate the right amount of leads.

Is your lead pipeline for next quarter ready?


Traditional Lead generation

B2C companies get 3X more leads than B2B companies do through traditional advertising (9% versus 4%).

 Traditional lead generation models used to focus on delivering high number of lead, ignoring important factors like targeted data set, purchasing behavior, buyer persona and more. This affected both the quality & quantity of lead generated. Outbound calling on non-targeted data set, hampers the conversion rate. Brand identity is another important thing which is on stake in this process.

This clearly indicated there is need to have a streamline process of lead generation that balances the quality control at the same time. The target audience should be clearly defined, followed by a structured process of cross selling, retention focusing on high customer satisfaction & reviews.

Outsourcing your lead generation effort

Outsourcing also brings in other efficiencies to the system through updated intelligent process, decades of external experience, automation, knowledge, and more.

Delegating lead generation process to other companies offers large cut down in expenditures (cost per acquired lead) and allows to concentrate on strategy development.

Creating more efficient system

According to Deloitte Global outsourcing survey 2016 – Outsourcing is now emerging as an innovation center by:

  • 45% Solving capacity issues
  • 29% Creating global scalability
  • 28% Providing access to intellectual capital

Most of the business are outsourcing your lead generation requirement to build more efficient, streamline process and becoming more competitive in the market.

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